by Venice Fahey

By Venice Fahey, Blogger

I think every Fashionista gets excited when a new season finally rolls around. It gives us a chance to change up our look (and perhaps more importantly, an excuse to go shopping) in order to adapt to the new season. Unfortunately, 70 degree weather is the norm here in Southern California on a late October day.

I become frustrated, looking up at the sky, willing it to become just a little cooler so I can enjoy a nice hot coffee without melting in the sweltering heat and wishing that just this once I could see the leaves change color. Sadly, palm trees stay green all year round. The one good thing about an abnormally warm fall season is the chance to play around with shorts. As every Fashionista knows, experiments with floral patterns are almost always a good idea. The situation can only get better when a blazer is involved.

This week’s Fashionista clearly embraces both elements in her unexpectedly mix-matched but nonetheless adorable outfit. Her black and pink flowy floral shorts create a great juxtaposition with the more masculine olive green blazer. Blazers like this are especially useful for trendsetters here on the West Coast who want to stay warm in the morning and comfortable throughout the afternoon. Try black orneutral tones which will go well with almost anything in your closet! The I-didn’t-try-hard look can be tricky to accomplish, but this Fashionista pulled it off perfectly. So don’t let the warm weather get you down, just because you can’t bundle up doesn’t mean you can’t play with fun prints and fantastic blazers!

Hint: On the off-chance that it finally starts looking more like fall in your perspective region, simply throw on some black tights. They will automatically have you feeling more festive while keeping you warm!

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