Pro-Life Cause Hindered by Radical Group

by Staff

WhenAnthrax became a threat to America, a particular organization emergedin infamy — the Army of God. Hundreds of hoax letters signed by themilitant anti-abortion group claiming to contain anthrax were mailedto various abortion clinics. Besides fueling a nationwide hysteria,this group is defaming and hindering the pro-life movement.

Being pro-life, I know what it is like to witness a grave socialinjustice and the feeling of helplessness in the face of so many whodo not share in my morality. I also understand how easily thosefeelings of uselessness and sorrow shift to anger, blame and possiblyviolence.

Abortion is wrong and the millions of sanctioned deaths in thiscountry are both a travesty and an atrocity. There are manyconvenient rationalizations and reasons to keep abortion legal, butabsolutely no justifications. Abortion solves many problems insociety, but ending life should not be the solution to theseproblems. Abortion is the easy, but immoral deliverance from theseproblems. The problem of unwanted pregnancy must be worked out in adifferent manner.

Unfortunately, this isn’t society’s view, and the majority ofAmericans are perfectly fine solving problems through killing.

Being in the minority in this situation is difficult, and when youtry to fight for what you believe in, there are just as many willingto fight against you for a “right” you can’t identify with. Thebottom line is, if you truly believe life is being lost in the formof abortion, you cannot condone or recognize abortion as legitimate.

The the Army of God had things right until they turned to threatsand violence. Abhorring abortion and wanting to change the situationis not only acceptable, but a rational viewpoint. However, it is atthis point that rationality and the Army of God wave goodbye and runin opposite directions.

The Army of God takes the immense feelings of helplessness anddesire to change what they view as wrong and funnels them into hateand aggression. They let their anger and emotions block any rationalthought, and they turn into lowly terrorists.

The members of Army of God are extreme, but many pro-lifeactivists suffer from the same problems. Protest rallies are not asdefaming and detrimental to the cause as killings and anthrax hoaxes,but the angry words and excessive judgment passed along at theserallies in front of clinics deteriorate the pro-life cause.

These rallies, just like any angry arguments, are unpersuasive andonly strengthen stereotypes of pro-lifers, like the idea that allpro-lifers are uncompassionate bigots.

The only way to combat abortion is to avoid passing judgment anddo your best to permeate your morality. Never back down from orbetray your beliefs and attempt to instill responsibility in society.

The only effective tool is education. Educating about birthcontrol to avoid the situation, instilling responsibility in males,and confidence in females are the best ways to prevent abortion. Ifthe men are willing to assume the role as father and/or women areconfident enough in themselves to do an adequate job raising theirchildren, the abortion numbers will decline.

Another important way to combat abortion is to adopt children. Oneof the main reasons abortion is currently preferred over adoption isbecause adoption isn’t readily available, and the world is becomingoverpopulated. By stepping in and taking responsibility where othersare unwilling, you can do more than a thousand vain, heated argumentscan do.

Having a culture that willingly adopts children does more thansave lives, it fights overpopulation and the other societal problemsthat are unjustly improved through abortion. Every couple in Americashould consider domestic and international adoptions.

Yelling at pro-choice activists, calling women entering abortionclinics “sinners” or “whores” and resorting to violence does nothingto save the lives of unborn babies. Pro-choice advocates do not haveto accept the angry or violent actions of misguided pro-lifers, butthey should do their best to understand where the pro-life cause iscoming from.

The solutions to abortion that exist may be slow and somewhatimpractical, but they are all we have. Let us use the tools we have,never stop fighting and slowly advance our cause — withoutinadvertently hindering our cause with clouded judgment.

–Joe Zarro is an undeclared sophomore.

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