COLLEGE FASHIONISTA: Pop with your Purse

by Sarah Weinberg

By Sarah Weinberg , Blogger

With neutrals dominating the runways and stores and drab, gray skies looming overhead, it’s invigorating to see a pop of color in what would otherwise be a simple outfit. Shoes, jewelry, and headwear are all ways to provide that much needed statement. But we’ve been there. We’ve done all that: shocking heels, eye-catching jewels, great headbands. So, Fashionistas, get ready. There’s a new statement piece in town.

Say hello to the statement bag. Unlike the above accessories, this Fashionista’s chic purse provides a bigger canvas for a bigger pop. The turquoise of the bag looks great against the neutrals that make up the rest of her outfit and perfectly contrasts the deep blue of her jeans.

With some dark skinny jeans, a loose fitting white blouse, and some perfect-for-winter grey wedges she’s already achieved a trendy get-up. But, with that pop of color she’ll be catching admiring eyes and turning envious heads all over campus. Make a turquoise statement yourself with a small clutch, a vintage-inspired satchel, or a lady-like shoulder bag.

With so many colors to choose from, a turquoise bag isn’t your only option. Instead of clashing two opposite shades, make a statement by simply playing up the one you’re already working with. Just like this Fashionista rocked a navy and turquoise combo, a red satchel or orange tote can work wonders against a tan pant or a brown skirt while a purple carry-all will make a grey dress really stand out.

Though neutrals are sticking around for a while longer, a bright purse is a great way to make those simple color palettes pop. Go grab those summer bags that you’ve got stashed away and put them to work! They don’t get the colder seasons off; fashion is a full time job.

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