Boos and bravos

by Staff

BOO To the Student Activity Center’s being unfinished for graduation. We know it’s nobody’s fault, but it would have been nice to allow everyone the opportunity to see commencement in person.

BOO To the basketball program. Why can’t Tye Fields pass the English competency test? Shouldn’t the basketball tutoring program have come into play? We hope the Aztecs finish strong this season, but the loss of Tye’s size and rebounding will really hurt the team. Basketball needn’t worry, however. The only thing people are going to remember about this year in sports is SDSU’s loss to last-place UNLV.

BRAVO To the return of “Star Wars.” Many of us have never seen the first episode on the big screen. But now it’s back, with new scenes, digital sound and computer graphics. The lines will be long, the audience will be awed and women will wear platform shoes. Just like 1977 all over again, isn’t it?

BOO To the “Star Wars” toys. Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader look like disguised Power Rangers with their new, buffed-out plastic bodies. Even C-3PO has muscles in his legs. What’s up with that? Boba-Fett looks totally different, and Jabba the Hut has been substituting Slim Fast for little amphibians.

BRAVO To the personalized booklists now offered by Aztec Shops through the Internet. The list doubles as a class schedule. Books are listed by class and by author, so no matter which store you go to, you’re prepared. Of course, you’ll soon have to pay $15 for Internet access to this list.

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