by Staff

Student arrested for allegedly possessing weaponAshton Irwin, a San Diego State student, was arrested and taken to jail on suspicion of possessing a prohibited weapon. Irwin faces felony charges for the suspected possession of brass knuckles, University Police Cpl. Charles Stevens said. Stevens said that Irwin was arrested during a routine follow-up investigation at 8:10 a.m. on Friday on Lindo Paseo. On-campus arrests for prohibited or illegal weapons are not too frequent for University Police and only occur about once a month, Stevens estimated. “The difference between an illegal weapon and a prohibited weapon depends on the way the item is being used,” Stevens said. Stevens said that brass knuckles are more commonly found than other types of weapons on campus. “We don’t get a lot of guns, but we do get a lot of brass knuckles, knives and nun-chucks,” Stevens said.Lt. Eddie Gilbert said this arrest is only part of an ongoing investigation, being conducted by University Police.

Potential assault near campusStudent Health Services reported on Friday that a victim, possibly a student, was assaulted on or near campus. Stevens said that SHS is a mandatory reporting party, which means, “if an incident occurs that is possibly a sexual battery or a fight, they have to follow their regulations and report the incident to police.” Stevens said that the victim did not want any police presence and refused to give any information about the incident. “There is nothing else we can do or investigate because the person refused to give any information,” Stevens said. “This isn’t even a crime report, it is only an incident report at this time.”

Disturbing the peace Approximately 10-15 reportedly intoxicated people attempted to enter a fraternity party on Hardy Avenue early Sunday morning by kicking down a fence, University Police said. “The fraternity was having problems with uninvited guests trying to get into their party,” Stevens said. “The group of people apparently came to the front door and we were contacted to help with the situation.”Delta Upsilon reported that the uninvited guests were residents of a nearby condominium complex, Stevens said. He said there were no injuries during the disturbance.”Everyone was advised to leave and there were no further problems,” Stevens said.

-Compiled by Senior Staff Writer Wendy Fry