FOR YOUR EARS ONLY: Far from ‘dread’ful

by Staff

It’s not often that a band can successfully mesh two seemingly unmarriageable music genres such as post-hardcore and electronic. But in the case of British newcomer Enter Shikari and its recently dropped album, “Common Dreads,” the union is a success.

Released as a digital copy in the U.S. on the band’s own imprint, Ambush Reality, and in partnership with DGC/Interscope Records, “Common Dreads,” seamlessly accomplishes what would otherwise be categorized as awkward music melding, creating a unique dance feel.

Laden with music samples and technical effects, Enter Shikari’s latest 15-song effort is a veritable smorgasbord of music elements.

By far, the best song on the album is the second track, “Solidarity.” Fusing good old-fashion breakdowns and gang vocals, intermingled with a weighty dance-mix introduction and interludes; the song creates a hardcore hybrid that is difficult to put a label on, yet is enjoyable, nonetheless.

Springing out of St. Albans, Hertfordshire, U.K. in recent years, the members of Enter Shikari aim to make music that is impossible to categorize, yet equally as impossible to ignore.

The band’s efforts to be different have not gone unnoticed. “Take to the Skies,” the band’s first album went certified gold and peaked on the U.K. charts at No.4, while “Common Dreads,” has already reached No.16.

Notable music publications such as FHM and Kerrang! have also placed the band on the covers of recent issues.

Perhaps the band’s most notable characteristic, aside from its bizarre mash-up of musical styles, is the passion it conveys during its live shows. Enter Shikari is passionate about its music production, a fact that transcends the barrier often erected between recording and live music presentation.

Ripe with varying elements of diverse music genres such as finger-flaming guitars, screaming vocals, growls and synth, Enter Shikari’s sophomore album, “Common Dreads,” offers a grab bag of audible goodies.

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