SDSU and USD greeks to get together

by Staff

The greek systems of San Diego State University and the University of San Diego are teaming up for a T.G.I.F. party today on College Place, the cul-de-sac off College Avenue, known also as Greek Circle.

Greek Circle will be closed off and transformed into a club-type atmosphere, according to Bryan Day, president of Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity. A live band named “Drain” will be performing.

Nate Prodromou, who is in charge of Interfraternity Activities and a member of Kappa Alpha fraternity, is looking forward to the event.

“I think it will be exciting to have all the fraternities and sororities together again at one event, since our last tailgate was almost two years ago,” he said.

Day, who is also president of Cultural Arts and Special Events (CASE), said he’s excited to interact with another university’s greek system.

“After arranging events on the university level for CASE, it’s really exciting to be on the other side and enjoy the activities,” he said. “This type of interaction allows all the Greeks to communicate in a noncompetitive manner, further enhancing our relations between one another as well as with our friends from USD.”

Permission for today’s greek event was granted by the city, as well as the university.

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