SDSU may raise your parking fees

by Staff

While many people disagree on many subjects, one area upon which everyone undoubtedly agrees is: The parking situation at San Diego State University stinks.

Many suggestions are being posed to alleviate the problem. There is a plan afoot to increase the fees for parking permits in order to raise enough money to pay for construction of another parking structure, the future Parking Structure VI. (Funds for Parking Structure V have already been allocated.)

Ordinarily, if mandatory student fees go up, it must be put to a student vote. However, since parking fees are not mandatory, the Campus Fee Advisory Committee will send a recommendation for or against an increase to SDSU President Stephen Weber. He, as president, will then decide unilaterally for or against a parking-fee increase.

While parking fees are not required, they are nonetheless a necessity for the vast majority of SDSU students.

The university should not raise student parking fees now. Many of the students who are expected to pay for the new structure will no longer be at SDSU after construction is completed and the structure or structures open.

Besides, students already pay an exorbitant amount for a sticker that does not even guarantee a parking spot.

The university is also planning to make it more difficult for students who end up leaving their cars in lots overnight.

A plan includes charging students who live near the campus a supplemental fee up to an additional $70 to park on campus near their residences overnight.

Let’s see: If you meet a friend on campus, decide to have a few beers at Monty’s and your friend (who is sober) offers to drive you home, what do you do?

You don’t want to leave your car in the lot because you’ll return to find a citation on the windshield. Also, you don’t want to drive home under the influence, because it says right there on your parking permit “Don’t Drink & Drive.”

Does SDSU want these people driving home? What message is SDSU sending?

Let’s have common sense prevail before SDSU tries every possible way to gouge students.

The Associated Students and individual students should send messages to President Weber that we, as students, pay enough, if not too much, for parking permits as it is. Students shouldn’t have to pay more for parking, at least until the overall parking situation on campus improves.