Where do you get your information?

by Staff

“To tell you the truth, I go to school, I go to work, I go home, and I really don’t know anything about the outside world. What’s going on? Some war or something, with … is it Iraq? I know the surf’s up!”

Brenna Swiggum

undeclared sophomore

“I watch the news every morning before I leave for school; I watch CNN for at least 10 minutes. I read the newspaper every chance I get. I also read the newspaper from home, from Mexico. And sometimes my friends and I will talk about things of major importance to us.”

Cynda Fuentes

Latin American Studies senior

“By TV, news channels, just flipping around mostly to Channel 10 or 15 news, just in my spare time. I read the newspaper once in a while. I read The Daily Aztec, and the Union-Tribune when I can get it. And then from friends, just word of mouth. Just whatever I can get my hands on.”

Matt Voges

international business sophomore

“From the newspaper, CNN, TV. If it’s about school, The Daily Aztec. I go out of the way to pick up the paper. I purposely watch C-Span or CNN.”

Greg Broawski

political science freshman

“We have the Internet. I go to the Internet because sometimes I like to see what’s happening in Italy, where I am from. I don’t see newspapers. Everything is in English, and sometimes when I go to read the newspaper, I can’t. But I can read French newspapers, so I read those.”

Tony Marzo

foreign exchange student

studying English

“The radio, friends. I read the newspaper, I read The Daily Aztec and the daily newspaper. I keep my ear to the ground. I listen to a lot of talk radio. MPR is very informative.”

David Roth

journalism/public relations senior

? compiled by Mandy Parkinson

? photos by Adam Harju