Fincher attempts ‘Tattoo’

by Conner Cox

girl with a dragon tattoo

The “Millennium” series, widely known as “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” trilogy, has become an international bestseller and cinematic sensation. Swedish novelist Stieg Larsson wrote the series during the turn of the century, but suffered a fatal heart attack in 2004 before the books were released. Months after his death, the series became a wild success, ranking Larsson as the second best-selling author of all time. In 2009, a Swedish film adaptation of the series was released, which became a hit throughout Europe and surprisingly in the U.S.

David Fincher, who is well known for the movies “Fight Club,” “Se7en,” and “The Social Network,” is directing the English version, which has received critical speculation among serious fans. Many worry the American version will not be able to maintain the excitement and authenticity of the original.

The film’s lineup should assure fans of a promising cinematic experience. Daniel Craig stars as Mikael Blomkvist and Rooney Mara as Lisbeth Salander. This will be Mara’s first major role, though many will be familiar with her brief part as Mark Zuckerberg’s girlfriend in “The Social Network.” Initially Scarlett Johansson was expected to play the role of Lisbeth, but Fincher handpicked Mara instead, explaining in an interview with Vogue that “Scarlett Johansson was great … but the thing with Scarlett is, you can’t wait for her to take her clothes off.” In other words, Fincher wants people to see the movie merely for its thrilling storyline, not for Johansson’s good looks.

If Fincher’s avoidance of selling out doesn’t convince skeptics, maybe approval from the actors in the original version will. Noomi Rapace, who played Lisbeth in the Swedish version, said she feels confident in the American remake. In addition to Rapace’s statement, Michael Nyqvist who played the original Mikael, said in an interview with “Access Hollywood,” that “David Fincher is one of the best directors I know, so I’m really curious to see it.”

After winning both a Golden Globe and an Academy Award for Best Original Score for last year’s “The Social Network,” Nine Inch Nails’ frontman Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross have once again joined forces to compose a score for a Fincher movie.

In August, Reznor released a seven-minute teaser of the soundtrack. They seem to have stepped away from electric beats and synthesizers that were used ubiquitously in “The Social Network,” and have refocused on ambient noises that will complement the psychological thriller. Reznor’s and Ross’ score will be the icing on the cake for the film.

The newest film version of Larsson’s thriller has all of the components necessary to satisfy fans and critics alike. “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” hits theaters Dec. 21.