Reg-Lineup: Who Gets Priority?

by Staff

It’s that time of year. The leaves are changing colors, the smellof pumpkin pie fills the air, and you dart to the mailbox everyday inhopes your Reg-line notice will have an earlier date than lastsemester.

After opening the envelope and calling everyone you know tocompare dates, tears form when you anticipate all those classesyou’ll have to crash come January.

Not all San Diego State University students have this problem.Priority registration is an honor granted to certain on-campusgroups.

“The groups register in a certain order up to a point, then it isdone randomly by computer,” said Student Services CoordinatorKathleen Deaver. “The state of California or the SDSU faculty senatedecide which groups get priority.”

The first students to register are students with disabilities inorder to provide adequate time between classes to accommodate amobility limitation schedule sign interpreters or other in-classassistants, meet special transportation or dietary needs, or otherspecial requirements.

Foreign exchange students and the Educational Opportunity Programregister next and only get priority their first two semesters atSDSU.

Foreign exchange students get priority registration because theymust be enrolled in 12 units to stay in the country.

SDSU’s EOP program is one of the few in the country that providestwo semesters of priority registration. The EOP program is designedto help low-income students. It also provides tutoring and mentoringfor them.

Athletes, from tennis players to cheerleaders, are next on thelist.

“Football players aren’t the only athletic group to registerearly,” Deaver said. “All athletic teams need this to schedule aroundgames and practices.”

Another group, the disabled veterans, receive priority ifcertified by the Veterans Administration. Disabilities range fromphysical handicaps to post-traumatic stress disorder.

The rest of the groups have equal registration priority, includingthe University Band, honor program participants, resident advisors,ambassadors, AVID tutors, Health Career Opportunity Programparticipants, public safety employees, peer counselors and electedA.S. officers.

“These groups have the same priority and register on the sameday,” Deaver said. “Each organization reapplies before each semester,adding and deleting students from their list.”

The order for students not involved in any of the groups mentionedare arranged according to class standing: freshman, graduatestudents, seniors, juniors and lastly sophomores.

“Problems students have (with) getting classes are usually causedby holds that can be avoided,” Deaver said. “A major thing is testholds, really get your test holds cleared, it severely impacts yourability to get classes.”