BOOB TUBE SCOOP: It?s choclatey news

by Staff

MCT Campus

Comedy Central is one television station that has yet to fail most young viewers. With shows such as “South Park” and “The Colbert Report,” it seems safe to say that Comedy Central has good taste in its programming. This holds to it’s new show, “Chocolate News,” which airs on Oct. 15 at 10:30 p.m.

“Chocolate News” is a parody news show hosted by comedian David Alan Grier whose purpose is to give the audience a “pure, uncircumcised realness from an afro-centric perspective.”

In the series premiere of “Chocolate News,” Grier argues that hip-hop is dead and uses the phony rap artist “Phat Man” to parody those of today. Grier also satirizes poet Maya Angelou delivering poetry on both Sens. Barack Obama and John McCain. And to be expected, he covers the “N-word” issue and takes a look at America’s first African-American presidential candidate.

Overall, “Chocolate News” can bring laughter. Grier’s spotless execution of his lines, in combination with his facial expressions, is very enjoyable to watch. However, many of the skits feed into the stereotypical humor that has been seriously overdone and might even be borderline offensive.

Despite any criticism it may receive, it might have a chance to become a success with the average viewer. Although “Chocolate News” pales in comparison to “The Colbert Report” and “The Daily Show” on matters of political significance, the show is still funny in its own right, especially with the right audience. Grier just needs to find fresher material to poke fun at. Hopefully with time, he will make a bigger effort to break new barriers in comedy instead of just copying what already exists. Judging by his sarcastic nature and cynical attitude it is doubtful that is something to worry too much about.