TURN IT UP: Rock album isn?t quite so ?Fantazz?-tic

by Staff

“Fantazzmo 1: Enter the Fantazz” is a versatile album including several styles of music. Bandleader and guitarist Sergio Bedolla created “Fantazzmo” as a way to explore musical genres such as rock, pop and R&B. Bedolla is joined by bassist Rodax, drummer Randy Cooke (Mick Jagger, Kelly Clarkson) and producer Tone (Green Day, Santana) in making the ambitious album.

The disc starts out with a weak track “Superman,” which tries to mix rock and funk with lyrics that feel like an attempt to mimic sexualized hip-hop. The album improves significantly with the second song, “I Know You’re Mine.” The tune is a feel-good pop melody allowing Bedolla to show off his impressive vocal chords. The rest of the album is a combination of songs that are either hit or miss. “Fantazzmo” is at its best when it focuses on more upbeat songs, instead of ones that try to be dark and disturbingly heartbreaking.

While “Fantazzmo” is a mixed bag, it is refreshing to hear an album inspired by all types of music. Though the quality is inconsistent, the band succeeds in embracing music as a whole.

Artist: Fantazzmo

Album: Fantazzmo 1: Enter the fantazz

Label: Supernova Records

Grade: B-