IT’S NOT WHITE BOY DAY: Technology has its price

by Staff

There are three questions typically asked when a student finds out a friend has taken the same course with the same professor they just registered for. 1. “Is he/she easy?”2. “Do you have to go to class?”3. “Do you need to buy the book?” Everyone hopes to hear the answers “yes,” “no,” “no” – obviously in that order. I hate having to “buy the book.” Once I spend $140 on something, I feel like I have to use it. It’s a guilt thing. Like when you pick up a girl from El Cajon Boulevard. Once she’s in your car, you’re committed.Luckily, most professors put their required textbooks on reserve in the library. That means you can go read it and you don’t have to pay anything, which is a great excuse to not buy it. Actually getting over to the library to read the thing might not happen, but knowing it’s there is comforting. Apparently we are running out of paper, or whatever paper is made of, or people who make paper, or maybe it’s writing utensils that are in short supply? Either way, commas aren’t running out any time soon. I formulated this hypothesis because I have two classes this semester that have online textbooks. They are in the Internet. I just thought this meant that instead of not buying a book from the SDSU Bookstore, I would not go online and buy an eBook. Unfortunately, this cookie was crumbling differently. Not only were the textbooks online, the quizzes and tests were online as well, and they were each part of their own little package. So if I wanted to pass the classes, I was going to have to spend skrilla. The professor even had the gall to tell us this was saving us money because it avoids publishing costs. Saving us money? I’m not organized enough to have a budget, but if I did, “cash for textbooks” would rank in importance somewhere around “various ointments” and “vegetables.”Then, on a whole different level, there are the super ridiculous clickers. The official name for them is Personal Response Pads. They are little electronic devices that I’m sure are part of some type of “Big Brother” tracking scheme.