Lander’s new book continues White satire

by Sarah Grieco

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Outdoor performance gear, organic food and Ray-Ban Wayfarers are not only items that can be found in a typical San Diego State student’s apartment, they are also things Christian Lander makes fun of. The semi-famous author of the popular blog “Stuff White People Like” has debuted a second book in which he jests about “the unique taste of millions.”

After the success of Lander’s first book, which had more than 100 entries, many thought there wasn’t enough material for a sequel. But they were wrong; his second book hit shelves last November and is chock-full of funny new items to add to his never-ending list.

While some have found offense to Lander’s antics, the truth is he capitalized on a stereotype, and did so with hilarity. His latest book, “Whiter Shades of Pale: The Stuff White People Like, Coast to Coast, from Seattle’s Sweaters to Maine’s Microbrews,” is a humorous read that will have people nodding their heads in vigorous agreement. The list includes, but is not limited to, ugly sweater parties, Frisbee sports and Facebook.

It’s no surprise the blog has more than 77 million hits and counting; as many people find the posts to be painfully accurate.

Lander recently spoke at Warwick’s bookstore in La Jolla, where he told the story of his escalation to fame. It took less than a year from posting his first blog (“Coffee”) to the time Lander became a New York Times Best Seller. His blog went viral once he sent it to a group of friends and has since induced the laughter of millions.

Don’t be mistaken, Lander’s insight to the world of white people is meant to be one thing and one thing only: satirical. Although he has received countless comments on his site that deem him to be a racist, once meeting Lander it is clear he is making fun of himself. He drives a Prius while wearing bulky sweaters and buys heirloom tomatoes. He joked to the crowd at Warwick’s, “My books are a scientific approach to highlight and explain stuff white people like … and they are pretty predictable.”

Pick up Lander’s latest for a light read that serves perfectly as a conversation starter. Lander, however, dreams that one day his books will become textbooks to those visiting America from foreign countries.

“I really hope one day, Chinese businessmen are using my book to converse with their American clients saying, ‘Oh, do you enjoy Fleet Foxes?’” Lander said. “That’s when I’ll know I’ve arrived.”