CLC helps with student needs

by Stacy D. Garcia

In an effort to help students who are having legal or financial difficulties and need an expert to give them some guidance, Associated Students partnered with CLC Legal Inc. to provide San Diego State students with legal and financial advice.

“The program entails an opportunity for students to have an hour-long free conversation with a legal adviser and gives them information about what they are going through,” A.S. Vice President of External Affairs Krista Parker said. “Not every student has the opportunity to have any type of legal counsel so getting that free opportunity to students is exactly what that does.”

To access the service students simply call CLC and provide their RedID number to verify they are an SDSU student. The CLC representative will then match the student with the appropriate attorney or financial adviser depending on the student’s issue.

The legal and financial program is paid through the Student Body Association fee students pay every semester.

“The legal and financial service is part of a 2008 referendum called ‘Enhance Evolve Innovate’ resolution. The referendum increased the Student Body Association Fee by $20 per semester and it was approved by 64.6 percent,” Parker said.

With the new fee increase, programs such as SDSU Study Abroad, the spring GreenFest event and other student organizations have also received funding.

According to Parker, every month only around 15 to 45 students take advantage of the program.

Contact CLC free of charge at 1-800-541-9701.