College Fashionista: Fashionista Spotlight

by Venice Fahey

Button down shirt, military green jacket and paperboy hat. Talk about masculine-inspired fashion done right. I practically ran across campus when I saw this weeks Fashionista, Rachelle, striding along and knew I had to talk to her about her bold style. Here’s what she had to say.

Name: Rachelle Chua

Year: Grad Student

Major: Biology

CollegeFashionista: What motivates you to dress up everyday?

Rachelle Chua: I’d say my biggest motivation when it comes to fashion and culture is music.

CF: Do you have any fashion icons or designers that you really like?

RC: I really like Alexa Chung, mostly because I feel like I can relate to her personality. She’s just really witty and she never takes herself seriously. She kind of dresses up like a 12 year-old boy/grandma, which I love. She makes it look sexy.

CF: What are some trends that you like right now?

RC: Um, I like stripes a lot. I can never get enough of paperboy hats and semi MC Hammer pants, I don’t know what exactly they’re called, but they kind of taper out at the bottom…

CF: Like parachute pants?

RC: Yes! Kind of like parachute pants. I love parachute pants, they’re comfy.. kind of like pajamas in disguise.

CF: What season do you prefer dressing for?

RC: I love fall/winter because I’m just a jacket, sweater, layer person and I love boots and sneakers.

How To: To get this trendsetter’s masculine-inspired look, visit American Apparel for a button down shirt (whites, blues and neutrals look best,) for a cargo jacket and for an adorable paperboy hat. And don’t forget the shoes! Nordstrom has a wide variety of colors to choose from when it comes to those trendy boat shoes. If all else fails, raid a male friend’s closet. You just might be able to rock his clothes better than he can!