Redwing serves sport with a twist

by Randy Wilde

Redwing Bar & Grill’s unique atmosphere draws football fiends and karaoke queens alike. | Dustin Michelson, staff photographer
Redwing Bar & Grill’s unique atmosphere draws football fiends and karaoke queens alike. | Dustin Michelson, staff photographer

North Park’s 30th Street is home to many unique bars, dives and restaurants. However, Redwing Bar & Grill may be one of the most interesting. This gay-friendly dive defies stereotypical expectations with its casual, sporty vibe — complete with billiards, electronic darts and numerous TVs displaying sports events and analysis.

Timing is everything at Redwing. By day, this dive bar is a perfect spot to kick back with some beer and wings in a casual atmosphere. However, visitors on any night (except Mondays and Thursdays) should expect a raucous show they won’t soon forget. On these nights, Redwing hosts a lively karaoke show. Tuesdays are Latin karaoke nights, though there are some songs in English. However, the occasional drag show often provides the most excitement.

As summer draws nearer, the large back patio will be served by the full outdoor bar. For now, Redwing’s laid-back outdoor food and drink can be best enjoyed on weekend days.

The bar’s no-fuss grill menu provides simple, reasonably priced and satisfying dining. If it would go perfectly with a pint of cold brew, it’s on the menu. Appetizers range from $4.50 to $6.75 and include options such as the typical onion rings and French fries, as well as more unusual finger food options such as breaded pickles, fried zucchini and cheese curds. A diverse array of burgers, hot dogs and sandwiches make up the backbone of the grill menu. Entrée prices mostly hover around $8 or $9. As one would expect, wings are a specialty and do not disappoint. The Thai and barbecue flavors are especially delicious, and the buffalo wings pack quite a punch. This may not be the place for the vegetarian, vegan and health-conscious crowd though, as only two salads round out the meat and grill-centric menu.

Also, though not as extensive as some other bars, Redwing’s brew selection should have something to please any type of ale fan.

The bartenders are friendly and provide great service. Amiable staff members are happy to whip up any kind of cocktail customers might desire.

One of the original staples of 30th Street, Redwing has been around for more than 30 years. It provides affordable, comfortable and casual fun – or, with proper timing, a more lively experience for those thrill-seekers out there. For the most part, Redwing’s main attraction is its casual, quieter-than-the-average-bar atmosphere, which makes it a great place for anyone who enjoys the simplicity of good food, good beer and good company.