Contest awards praise-worthy mates

by Sandra De La Torre


The saying, “You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find a prince” doesn’t only apply to love. Sometimes you have to live with a few frogs to find the perfect roommate.

Despite the millions of potential roommates this world has to offer, it can be a struggle to find someone who shares common interests and a similar lifestyle. For this reason, is hosting its fourth annual “Roommate of the Year” contest to celebrate the select few who have earned the title of greatness.

The contest’s main purpose is to demonstrate the importance of finding a compatible roommate. Entries can be submitted until May 21, then the selected winner will receive a year of free rent and $10,000 in cash.

“This contest gives people a fun and creative outlet to showcase those roommate qualities they believe to be the most important,” spokesperson Tammy Kotula said.

According to a survey conducted by the website, “More than 63 percent of renters either currently live with a roommate … or plan to move in with one when their current lease expires.”

In order to participate, contestants must film a video no longer than two minutes, showcasing the qualities that make him / her a great roommate. There are four different categories participants can choose to compete in, including the Loveable Compulsive, the Purr-fect Pet Owner, the Environmentalist and the All-Star Roomie, which is a distinction meant for those who fit multiple categories or for those who are so unique they don’t fit any.

According to, the Loveable Compulsive roommate makes sure the household stays in order, whether cleaning common areas or making sure bills are paid on time. On the other hand, the Purr-fect Pet Owner shows how he / she is the best “roommate” for their furry friends, while the Environmentalist displays how he / she lives the “greenest” lifestyle at home.

“I’m the Loveable Compulsive because I’m a control freak and I take care of my roommates,” journalism senior Chardonnay Ray said.

This year, will hold an additional contest called “Roommate Video Shorts.” This contest is meant to recognize and award roommates’ small actions or special talents. It will offer the opportunity for greater participation, with winners pocketing prizes of $250. Contestants need only submit a 30-second video highlighting their roommate’s specific talents or contributions.

Videos for the “Roommate of the Year” contest will be judged on three factors: originality, persuasion and production style. Once videos are submitted, 15 finalists will be chosen. Then the public will have an opportunity to vote for their favorite contestants. A combination of public votes and a judging panel will make the final decision.

Videos for the “Roommate Video Shorts” contest will be judged by a panel, and winners will be announced on a weekly basis.

Roommates can play a significant role in the quality of one’s life, especially during college. While nightmare roommates may offer valuable learning experiences, memorable and positive encounters should be celebrated as an example of how shared living should be.

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