JAM: HOB shows to look forward to this semester

by Mark Jacobo

Courtsey House of Blues

For me, one of the best things about living in San Diego is that the city attracts a lot of great musicians and artists–just last May the Beach Boys performed at the Cricket Amphitheater, and Tenacious D and fun. just performed at SDSU’s very own Viejas Arena and Open Air Theater, respectively. But one of my favorite venues in San Diego has got to be the one and only House of Blues, which has been a venue for many great bands, new and old, indie or mainstream. Since it’s only a trolley ride away, it’s very accessible to SDSU students and those who live around campus but don’t have a car. Here are just a handful of upcoming shows taking place this Fall semester at the House of Blues that you won’t want to miss.

Kottonmouth Kings on August 31st

If you’ve ever listened to the Kottonmouth Kings before, you know that they tailor to a certain a…uh, certain audience. Let’s just say they and Snoop Dogg both share an interest in the same kind of plant. But even if that’s not your thing, and you like hip-hop, KMK might just tickle your fancy. Not only do they rap, but they also include reggae, ska, dub, and in some instances, punk rock into their music. And they blend the genres quite well, if I don’t say so myself. They will be performing with Big B, Prozak, and another act titled “KMK Side Project”. Here’s “Dog’s Life” off of KMK’s debut album Royal Highness. Give it a listen and try not to hear Sublime’s influence on them.

Slash on September 4th

Did you give Slash’s latest solo album Apocalyptic Love a listen? No? Well you should, don’t think the former Guns and Roses guitarist has lost his mojo. Slash is performing with Myles Kennedy on vocals and the Conspirators as a backing band, who all perform on Apocalyptic Love. Although his new music might be geared more towards an older audience, t’s definitely worth seeing a guitarist as legendary as Slash–maybe he’ll bust out some memorable GnR riffs or solos.

The Adicts on September 6th

When you think of the England Punk Rock scene, The Adicts are a band that definitely comes to mind. To this day they are still as active and popular in the punk rock scene as they were during their hayday back in the 1980’s. The Adicts will be performing with Brothers of Brazil and Dirty Filthy Mugs.

Less Than Jake on October 11th

Less Than Jake reached a high level of popularity when their fifth studio album Anthem was released in 2003. The high exposure made the Gainesville, Florida band Warped Tour alums, and can be seen on tour with fellow third wave ska bands. Songs such as “Johnny Quest Thinks We’re Sell Outs”, and “The Science of Selling Yourself Short”, make their shows something you don’t want to miss. They will be performing with the Mad Caddies, who are notable for mixing jazz, reggae, hardcore punk, and swing in their music.

Matt and Kim on October 24th

The quirky boy and girl duo will be performing at the House of Blues, and believe me when I say I am trying my best to make this show (I’ve been trying to see them live for a while). Known for their do-it-your-self attitude they take towards their music, the band will be touring in support of their fourth album Lightning, which was released last June.

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals on October 31st

This will definitely be a great show, not only because Grace Potter and the Nocturnals are an excellent band, but because it’s on Halloween Night! The band is known for thier blues, rock, folk sound, and lead singer and multi-instrumentalist Potter has been compared to singing legend Janis Joplin. Here’s the title song from their latest album The Lion The Beast The Beat.

Streetlight Manifesto on December 4th

I’m an absolutely huge Streetlight Manifesto fan, so it’s no surprise that I included them on this list. This is a show that I am definitely not going to miss, and if you haven’t heard of the ska/punk band from East Brunswick, New Jersey, now is the perfect time. Led under the creative leadership of singer/guitarist Tomas Kalnoky and accompanied by an amazing horn section and percussions, Streetlight Manifesto is touring to support their upcoming album The Hands That Thieve, set to be released on November 6th.