SDSU’s fall theater season is diverse

by David Dixon

The fall semester of performing arts at San Diego State will start in trippy fashion with a new production of William Shakespeare’s “As You Like It.” In this original rendition, several men and women’s lives intersect when they go to Duke’s Deep Woods, a burlesque/drag club in Arden.

Because the director is Peter Cirino, a man known for his unique vision in past shows including “Lydia” and “The Labyrinth of Desire,” there are bound to be plenty of visual surprises in this staging.

The next show is a musical revue, “I Love A Piano” (The Music of Irving Berlin) and will include plenty of songs from beloved American composer and lyricist including “Blue Skies,” “How Deep is the Ocean” and “There’s No Business Like Show Business.”

Lastisafamily-friendlyadaptation of Neverland, “Peter Pan and Wendy” in which characters will be acted out with giant puppets. It will be interesting to see how classic friends and foes of Peter Pan, such as Captain Hook, Tinker Bell and the crocodile, will be portrayed.

The selections of theatrical events for this season are generally lighter than previous years. Hopefully, they will attract large audiences to see some standout performances, hysterical moments and uplifting endings. Let the good vibes begin.

Tickets and information about “As You Like It,” “I Love a Piano” (The Music of Irving Berlin) and “Peter Pan and Wendy” can be found at

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