Humble Indie Bundle offers games and aid

by Kevin Smead

The Humble Indie Bundle, which kicked off its sixth installment yesterday, is already off to a great start. The Humble Indie Bundle is a group of games available in a single pack for a pay-what-you-want price with proceeds benefitting whichever cause you decide.

The games included in this sixth bundle are “Rochard,” “Shatter,” “S.P.A.Z.,” “Torchlight,” “Vessel” and if you pay more than a certain amount, “Dustforce.” From a Diablo-style role-playing game (“Torchlight”), to interest- ing puzzle-platformers (“Rochard,” “Vessel”), this bundle carries the legacy a high quality from previous installments. It’s worth noting all games are DRM-free, meaning there are no usage restrictions, and are compatible with a variety of platforms such as Mac and Linux. The most important aspect of the Humble Indie Bundle is financial. With the ability to pay as much (or little) as you want, you can decide where all of your proceeds go. You can select from three categories: developers, charity or the bundle’s organizational team. You can choose to give to all three, just one or in whatever combination you desire. The Humble Indie Bundle team suggests a rough 60-25-15 split, with the major- ity going to developers, and the rest divided between charity and the Humble team, respectively. The charities involved are the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which defends free speech and open access to the Internet, and Penny Arcade founders’ char- ity, Child’s Play, which provides video games for sick children in hospitals across the globe. The bundle runs for two weeks, beginning yesterday, and always raises a large sum of funds. Past games included “Psychonauts,” “Cave Story+,” modern horror classic “Amnesia: The Dark Descent,” “Super Meat Boy!” and countless others worth far more than the Bundle’s mea- ger base asking price. With major donors including Minecraft creator Markus “Notch” Persson, the Humble Indie Bundle is continuing to make a big impact in an even bigger way. Go to hum- to contribute and support two great causes: charity and independent gaming.