World beat 10.1.2012

by Ana Ceballos

“Vatileaks” trial goes under way.

The trial for Paolo Gabriele, Pope Benedict XVi’s former butler, who was accused of leaking confidential docu- ments from the pope’s apartments to the media, began Saturday.

Known as “Vatileaks” the documents suggested corruption with the Vatican, favoritism connected to awarding contracts to the Vatican estate and various counts of contentious rival- ry among cardinals. according to NBc News, it’s not clear how long the trial will last.

If Garbriele is convicted for aggravated theft, he will face approximately four years in prison.

Spain and Portugal fight against austerity

Outside the capitals of both Spain and Portugal, thousands of demonstrators rallied for the enduring austerity cuts on Saturday.

According to, Spain’s unemployment rate is nearly 25 percent and Portugal has an approximate 15 percent unemploy- ment rate.

Spanish Minister of Finance and Public administrations cristobal Montoro argued in order for investors to buy bonds, Spain must experience budget cuts to decrease interests rates, according to NBc News.

The demonstrations continue to get violent as participants clash with riot police in front of the countries’ capitals.

Mexico’s most wanted drug trafficker arrested

The commander of the notorious zetas cartel, Ivan Velazquez caballero, was captured and paraded around San Luis Potosi, according to BBc News.

Velazquez was allegedly responsible for controlling one of the major drug routes into the U.S. Mexican officials offered a reward of 30 million pesos equivalent $2.3 million, to anyone with any leads re- sulting the drug lord’s cap- ture.

Study shows IQ and happiness are closely related.

According to researchers in the U.K., the iQ is often related to people’s happi- ness. The higher the iQ, the happier the person.

The study reported lower intelligence was linked to factors contributing to un- happiness, such as lower income and worse health. The study emphasized steps to prevent low iQs so people can lead happi- er lives, according to BBc news.