Construction beat

by Amanda Guerrero

Aztec Student Union:

Since the construction site for San Diego State’s Aztec Student Union began at the beginning of the month, the structure for the building has continued to grow bigger and taller.

Earlier this month, two cranes were brought onsite to move the steel beams making up the skeleton of the building. As each floor of the building is finished, the decks, which will eventually be filled with concrete to form the floors, are placed.

According to Associated Students Marketing and Communications Manager Lorena Nava Ruggero, the steel skeleton should be finished within the next few weeks.

“We’re seeing a lot more growth,” she said. “Visually, it’s a lot more obvious what’s going on.”

Ruggero said now that construction is growing vertically, people can finally see the size of the Aztec Student Union, which will have about twice the square footage of the former Aztec Center.

“It will be more space for things that are really important for students,” Ruggero said.

Ruggero is confident construction on the new Aztec Student Union, tentatively expected to be end in Fall 2013, will be finished next year.

“We’re definitely on track to open in fall of 2013,” Ruggero said.

Once the building is complete, Aztec Shops and SDSU Food Services will work together to select dining options available at the student union. Currently, Starbucks is the only restaurant with a confirmed spot in the building.

Live footage from the construction site is available online at the new Aztec Student Union website: Anyone interested in the latest updates can also find information on Twitter @AztecStdntUnion and