Newest Aztec Warrior talks to DA

by Stacey Oparnica

Paige Nelson, Photo Editor

San Diego State welcomes its newest Aztec Warrior, 20-year-old Kyle Anderberg. Originally from San Jose, the civil engineering junior competed against four other finalists on Oct. 1 at the Parma Payne Alumni Goodall Center and will begin his role in December. In addition to sitting on the Associated Students Student Affairs Board, he is the treasurer of Sigma Alpha Epsilon and the College of Engineering representative for A.S. Council. The Daily Aztec interviewed Anderberg about becoming the newest Aztec Warrior.

DA: Why did you decide to try out to be the new Aztec Warrior?

KA: It’s a funny story. At the end of spring semester, there was an A.S. Council retreat that we went on to the Mission Bay Aquatic Center. We were in a big circle … and there was an awkward silence moment and someone just yelled out, “I motion that Kyle should be the new Aztec Warrior!” I guess because people said I looked like I could play the part.

DA: So then you applied?

KA: Yeah, I got on campus this semester and Channelle McNutt kind of pushed me toward it and told me I should try out. I got the email that they sent out to the entire school that said that they wanted a new one (mascot) and I applied.

DA: In your opinion, how does an Aztec Warrior represent SDSU?

KA: It’s a lot of things. I mean, the Aztec Warrior is kind of the face of athletics. I’m the mascot. I go to a lot of different events. Also, there’s a historical background to it and I know, in the past, there were different names for it that weren’t really historically correct. That’s when we came up with the Aztec Warrior and made sure we respected the Aztec culture, as well as the history of our school.

DA: What do you think about an Aztec Warrior social media account?

KA: I don’t think anyone in the past has done that. I kind of joked around about having an Aztec Warrior Instagram or something like that. I don’t know if they’d want to do some type of social media for me. I’m open to something like that. That’d be cool to have a fan page.

DA: How are you going to prepare for the position from here on out?

KA: I’m actually working with the old Aztec mascot, Mike Lopez. I’ve been doing a lot of workouts with him … like four days a week. He has me on a strict diet. He knows what he’s doing and he’s coaching me the best he can.

DA: I have one last question for you and it’s a question I’m sure many girls on campus would like to know. Are you single?

KA: (Laughing) Yes, I am single.

DA: Are you looking for a Mrs. Aztec Warrior?

KA: I don’t know. That’s a tough one. I’m not necessarily looking for anyone, but if I happen to meet someone that’s cool.