World beat 10.30.2012

by Ana Ceballos

Suicide bombing during Mass

Dozens were injured and at least seven people killed yesterday when an explosive-laden vehicle drove into a Catholic church during Mass in northern Nigeria.

President Goodluck Jonathan called the suicide bombing attack an “unfortunate and unacceptable trend that threatens the peace and stability of our nation.”

The attack occurred in Kaduna, which has previously been targeted by Islamic militant group Boko Haram, who is attempting to overthrow the government to impose Shariah law.

Kaduna’s location separates Nigeria’s north, which has a large Muslim population, and the south, which is largely populated by Christians.

Westerners beware of al-Qaida

Ayman al-Zawahiri al-Qaida leader, has made a call for Muslims to kidnap Westerners because of the alleged success of American aid worker Warren Weinstein’s kid-nap.

Al-Qaida successfully kid-napped Weinstein from three security guards protecting him. Even though the terrorist group abducted Weinstein, U.S. officials refuse to bargain with them.

Osama bin Laden’s successor spoke in a message that lasted more than two hours about the importance to “incite Muslims to capture the citizens of the countries that are fighting Muslims in order to release our captives.”

Al-Zawahiri has also been calling on Muslims to join the rebel- lion in Syria to ensure Egypt’s revolution and successfully implement Shariah law.

Everyone wants a share of Facebook

A New York businessman was arrested at his home after he made fraudulent claims of owning 50 percent of social media giant Facebook’s shares.

Paul Ceglia filed a lawsuit against Mark Zuckerburg, in which he claimed Zuckerburg had signed a two-page contract awarding him half of Facebook’s shares.

Zuckerburg said Facebook was not even conceived at the time the alleged contract was made.

The contract, which was signed back in 2003, was signed to develop street-mapping software. Ceglia subsequently altered the contract to insert Facebook references, accord- ing to Zuckerburg’s lawyers.

Facebook urges the case to be dismissed, claiming the document is fake.