The Daily Aztec’s candidate endorsements

by Leonardo Castaneda

The Daily Aztec endorses the following candidates for local, state and national elections

President – Barack Obama

This election cycle is all about the economy, and while it’s debatable how much a president can directly influence gross domestic product or unemployment, this will be the primary concern of voters as they head to the polls. President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Gov. Mitt Romney present stark ideological choices. Obama’s goals of increasing financial regulation, investing in the government to spur the economy and implementing a mix of cuts and revenue increases to reign in the budget deficit present the best path to rebuild a sustainable economy. On a range of issues, including women’s rights and marriage equality, the daily aztec believes Obama is on the right side of history. the president can rarely directly control U.S. policy, but he can set the tone for the nation leading to prosperity and fairness.

Senate – Dianne Feinstein

Long-time democratic Sen. dianne Feinstein is running a strong, if not widely discussed race against Republican challenger elizabeth emken. Feinstein is a veteran lawmaker with a proven record. She plans to tackle the budget deficit with sensible cuts and revenue increases, though she continues to support tax cuts for those with incomes less than $250,000. emken’s desire to dismantle Obamacare would hurt college students because the affordable care act allows students to remain in their parents’ health care plan until they are 25 years old. Feinstein served california well for 20 years, and should continue for six more.

Mayor – Bob Filner

San Diego city is experiencing an unusually partisan race for the mayor’s office between democratic congressman Bob Filner and Republican city councilman carl deMaio. Filner presents a vision based on growth beyond downtown businesses, while deMaio remains fixated on dismantling public sector jobs. Both candidates have been accused of having overly aggressive attitudes toward their opponents, which doesn’t bode well for the bipartisanship needed to run the city. however, Filner is more likely to make the long-term investments in infrastructure the city needs. the daily aztec believes Filner is the right choice to lead San diego. For more on this race, visit Opinion.

House of Representatives 52nd District – Scott Peters

The race for the 52nd congressional district is unique because of its competitiveness despite a strong historical incumbent advantage. democratic port commissioner Scott Peters is challenging incumbent Republican Brian Bilbray in the newly redrawn district. With bipartisan credentials, Peters supports progressive ideas toward marriage equality and immigration. While Bilbray is not the most radical Republican in congress, he has taken the far right pledge not to raise taxes regardless of economic reality and has recently headlined hyper-partisan tea party events. the daily aztec believes Peters is the moderate candidate most suited to fix the nation’s problems.

State Senate 39th District – Marty Block

Democratic State assemblyman Marty Block is running against Republican George Plescia for a crucial state Senate seat, which could cast the deciding vote in major legislation for the coming years. Block has a background in education placing him in an ideal position to protect San diego State students from future budget cuts. in fact, Block has a direct connection to SdSU, where he served as dean, director and professor for 26 years. the daily aztec believes this, as well as his experience in both state legislature and as a member of the San diego community college Board of trustees, make him the best candidate for the state Senate.

State Assembly 79th District – Shirley Weber

Democrat Shirley Weber is running against Republican city councilwoman Mary england for the 79th district’s State assembly seat. Weber is an ideal representative as the voice of San diego State students in the state’s capital. She served for 39 years as a professor and department chair at SdSU. the daily aztec believes Weber’s firsthand understanding of the california State University system will be valuable in helping higher education navigate through the next few years of budget cuts and financial strains.