SDSU police will give away free U-locks today

SDSU police will give away free U-locks today

by Laura Nguyen

02_05_13_News_Ulock_MLStudents are invited to register their bikes and receive a free U-lock during two events hosted by the San Diego State Police Department today and Thursday.

Today, the event will be located at the Cuicacalli Walkway and on Thursday at the Campanile Walkway from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. All SDSU community members are welcome and encouraged to register their bikes.

“I’ll be there,” kinesiology junior Patrick Holub said. “Who wouldn’t want a free bike lock? You can never be too cautious.”

The estimate retail prices of U-locks vary from $15 to $50 at local stores.

However, locking one’s bike may not be enough.  Bike locks and chains can be easily cut with a pair of belt cutters. SDSUPD stresses the importance of students registering their bikes with the police department, which increases the probability of finding a stolen bike.

“I feel comfortable riding and leaving my bike on campus,” bioengineering sophomore Jenna Gould, who also rides her bike to school daily, said. “But I do think the SDSUPD is doing a good job of reaching out to students and ensuring the security of their bikes.”