Many albums this summer have plenty of potential

by Ryo Miyauchi

MUS-DAFTPUNKSo many bands are ready to release their anticipated albums this summer. Here’s a list of highlights each week from May to July.


“Silence Yourself” by Savages

Available: May 7

Check out: “Shut Up”


U.K. post-punk band Savages announced its debut “Silence Yourself,” with a prose detailing the politics behind the album. The writing may sound pretentious, but the music of Savages lives up to its political angst. The tense punk rock of Savages strikes with fury while frontwoman Jehnny Beth demands to be heard with an incredible vocal performance. Savages already proved itself as a force to be reckoned with in the single “Shut Up.” “Silence Yourself” should be the record that gets Savages the attention it deserves.


“Modern Vampires of the City”  by Vampire Weekend

Available: May 14

Check out: “Step”


New York City’s Vampire Weekend has already toyed with expectations. Its first single “Cousins” was jittery garage rock instead of the quirky soft rock that made the band’s name. For the band’s third record, “Modern Vampires of the City,” and its single “Step,” were different. “Step” was an ornate slow jam inspired by lyrics from ‘90s hip-hop group Souls of Mischief. The single “Diane Young” was the complete opposite, as front man Ezra Koenig fooled around with rockabilly. The new sound of Vampire Weekend is difficult to pin down, but that fact alone should keep listeners wanting more.


Random Access Memories” by Daft Punk

Available: May 21

Check out: “Get Lucky” (feat. Pharrell)


After years of false rumors and fake leaks, the wait is done for new music by robot duo Daft Punk. Its new album “Random Access Memories” comes out in May, and is conceptually similar to the duo’s 2001 classic “Discovery.” Once again, the robots dug back to the music they adored growing up un the ‘70s and early ‘80s. This time, though, the production is a more collaborative and organic effort, ditching machines for real instruments.

“It’s kind of ironic. Two robots are bringing soul back to music,” collaborator Todd Edwards said. Just listening to the single “Get Lucky,” the claim doesn’t sound too far off.


“IV Play” by The-Dream

Available: May 28

Check out: “IV Play”


It’s an interesting time for R&B singer Terius Nash, known as The-Dream, to release his fifth album “IV Play” as he stands against other acclaimed R&B stars such as Miguel and Frank Ocean. Nash’s music is a more traditional R&B, but the sexual dominance and smooth arrogance that fills his singles belong to no one else. Concerning the reception of his record, the self-proclaimed “Radio Killa” is not one bit intimidated.

“Your album’s probably definitely not going to be better than mine,” Nash confidently expressed to SPIN Magazine. Nash’s claim may be egotistic, but the music on “IV Play” should live up to his promise.


“Settle” by Disclosure

Available: June 3

Check out: “You & Me” (feat. Eliza Doolittle)


Dance music has been in heavy demand here in the U.S., Disclosure U.K. brother duo, is ready to take over the scene with its debut “Settle.” Disclosure has already caught some buzz with the EP “The Face” and the breakthrough single “Latch” feauring Sam Smith, in the past year. Compared to the neon synth-pop and hammering electronic drops of current U.S. dance hits, Disclosure’s productions are sleek and funky. For those new to Disclosure, Interscope Records is also releasing a four-track singles EP during the summer so fans can get caught up on the fantastic duo.


“13” by Black Sabbath

Available: June 11

Check out: “God Is Dead?”


It’s been a few years since metal legend Black Sabbath reformed its original lineup in late 2011. In January, the band announced its new record “13” slated for release in June. Original drummer Bill Ward was replaced by Brad Wilk from Rage Against The Machine, but the others are sticking with the plan to bring their A-game. Even after 35 years, the Ozzy Osbourne-fronted Black Sabbath remains an incredible rock act. In the new single “God is Dead?” Osbourne lays his classic dark personality, while the deep, thick riff of guitarist Tony Iommi remains a metal-rock staple. Metal now has got a tough act to beat.


“Kveikur” by Sigur Ros

Available: June 18

Check out: “Brennisteinn”


Icelandic rock quartet Sigur Ros has been known throughout its career for tracks providing a serene atmosphere. Although the band has recorded many rich instrumentals, Sigur Ros has been known for its capacity to rock its audience to sleep. So it was hard to believe the band’s announcement of a new “heavy” album, “Kveikur.” Turns out, Sigur Ros can rock heavy, aggressive tracks as great as its dreamy ones. The first single, “Brennisteinn,” has Sigur Ros focusing more on abrasive drones as the band builds its epic sound. “Kveikur” is a different direction for Sigur Ros, but it’s shaping up to be an exciting makeover.


“Body Music” by AlunaGeorge

Available: July 1

Check out: “Your Drums, Your Love”


Since the release of the three-track “You Know You Like It” EP, U.K. pop duo AlunaGeorge has been on constant watch by fans and critics. The sweet and smooth R&B vocals of singer Aluna Francis layered on stuttering electro-break beats of producer George Reid is infectious. Singles “Your Drums, Your Love” and “Attracting Flies” sound like the cross product of fine ‘90s Timbaland-influenced R&B and modern sleek bass music, such as Julio Bashmore or Jacques Greene. AlunaGeorge is here with a fresh sound, and “Body Music” may be its breakthrough.


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