Aztecs versus E3: Day Two with Cody Franklin

by Cody Franklin

Courtesy of Entertainment Software Association
Courtesy of Entertainment Software Association

Day Two of the Electronic Entertainment Expo was quite a ride. Open a full two hours longer than the previous day, I had a chance to get my eyes on some more fantastic upcoming games that should definitely be on your radar.

“Infamous: Second Son” 

The latest game in the “Infamous” series looks truly epic. I got a chance to see a developer play through a some open world chaos and was very pleased with the carnage that ensued. I can’t help but feel as though “Second Son” is “Prototype” with an actually decent story. So much of the movement and animations reminded me of the earlier game from a different franchise that I almost felt as though that franchise was, well, just a prototype. Delsin’s personality seems like it will lead to some crazy adventures and gripping story that I cannot wait to get my hands on. I can’t wait to absorb some time with “Second Son” and absorb some powers with Delsin.

“Killzone: Shadow Fall”

Another sequel, this time to the “Killzone” franchise, “Shadow Fall” is taking some radical leaps away from the predecessors in the series. I wasn’t a big fan of the dark and gloomy environments of Helgen, so getting a nice splash of color in the new setting of “Shadow Fall” is a nice surprise. It was very interesting to see just how useful the player’s robotic companion can be. While “Call of Duty: Ghosts” might have dogs, “Shadow Fall” has robots, and I’ll take a shield-producing, machine gun-blazing robot over Lassie any day. I’m very intrigued to see where the story is headed with the split-world setting of the game: Killzone games aren’t known for stellar story lines, but “Shadow Fall” is shipping up to be just as much a change in that department as it is in scenery.

“Saints Row IV” 

I had previously been considered that this latest installment in the “Saints” series might have been too ridiculous to handle, but after getting a chance to go through a bit of the story today, I was pleasantly surprised that there is still a good story to be experienced. The Saints-controlled White House was a truly hilarious and unique experience I will not soon forget. Pimpin’ ain’t easy, and neither is being the President of the United States, especially after some alien scum crashed through the Oval Office. I made a valiant effort to defend my country, but these suave British aliens overpowered even the Saint of the Saints himself. However, all was not lost, as I got a chance to toy around in the open world with brand-new super powers. To those that worried super powers would be super overpowered, don’t fret; from what I experience, your super powers were more “OH SH*T” buttons than outrageous. My only concern with the game is whether there is truly enough content to warrant a full game price tag; at the moment, it still felt too much like a well-polished expansion, not unlike “Far Cry: Blood Dragon.”