Humphrey’s By the Bay preview


Francis Specker

Bill Maher. Courtesy of Francis/Specker/Landov/MCT.

by Ryo Miyauchi

Standing venues such as the House of Blues can be crowded and tiresome. Seated venues are often large arenas where the stage is too far away. Is there any venue in San Diego where neither problem exists? Luckily, there is Humphreys Concerts by the Bay.

Driving up to Humphreys Concerts by the Bay already feels good. Located along Shelter Island Drive, the night drive to the venue’s parking lot has a clear view of the bay on the left-hand side. Humphreys Concerts is in the middle of the Humphreys Restaurant and Humphreys Half Moon Inn & Suites, so it’s also surrounded by warm, established company. Instead of shuffling to a club or a crowded amphitheater, the walk to Humphreys is free of anxiety.

The venue at Humphreys Concerts is situated outdoors with set up seats. Although the seats are equally leveled, the size of the venue lets the audience have a close enough view wherever they sit, even if they decide to get up for a drink at the nearby concessions. The size also creates more intimacy with the act like the venue of an indoor club. Closeness and comfortable space are two great factors offered at Humphreys.

In the past summer, many classic acts stopped by Humphreys Concerts by the Bay, such as Chicago and Yes. For those looking for more recent names, Erykah Badu played last June and D’Angelo was scheduled for August before having to cancel his shows because of a “medical emergency.” Comedians Bill Cosby and Bill Maher also stopped by Humphreys Concerts this summer. A lot of great acts have been booked this year alone, and Carly Rae Jepsen and Two Door Cinema Club will be playing there soon, just to name a few more.

From the choices in booking and the venue’s location, Humphreys may seem more for an older demographic. However, with bands such as Tegan and Sara or Franz Ferdinand stopping by, there’s definitely room for a younger crowd. What everyone can agree on is that the venue offers a more relaxed experience than the usual bars, clubs and arenas. For calmer vibes, Humphreys is there for everyone.

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Photo credit: Bill Maher. Courtesy of Francis/Specker/Landov/MCT.