Weekend Picks: Dave and Destructo

by Ryo Miyauchi

Alek’s Pick

Dave Chappelle at Spreckels Theatre

Coming off his comeback tour, comedy heavyweight Dave Chappelle is coming to town for the weekend. Performing at the Spreckels Theatre, Chappelle is booked to perform Friday Oct. 18, Saturday Oct. 19 and Sunday Oct. 20.

Fresh off the Funny or Die’s Oddball Comedy and Curiosity Festival, Chappelle made headlines when a boisterous crowd in Hartford, Conn. prompted him to walk off stage. For awhile after his sketch show ended, it was unclear whether or not comic  buffs would be able to catch the comedy legend-to-be perform live again. But a few bad apples aren’t enough to stop this King of Comedy from performing. These San Diego shows cannot be missed by fans of his stand up, or for his beloved series, “Chapelle’s Show.”

Destructo at Fluxx

Gary Richards is ready to tear up the decks this weekend. Richards has been a part of the electronic dance music business for more than two decades. Donning the mantle of “Destructo,” Richards brings one of the heaviest sounds in techno with him to every single performance. When Richards isn’t performing, he is the CEO and founder of Hard events, one of the largest companies in the music festival business in California. Check him out tonight at the premiere nightclub, Fluxx, in Downtown San Diego.

Ryo’s Picks

Sleigh Bells at Moonshine Flats

Reckless pop duo Sleigh Bells is coming to San Diego this Saturday with the equally noisy Doldrums to the bar Moonshine Flats. Sleigh Bells mixes the cheerleader pop of singer Alexis Krauss with the amplified power riffs of guitarist Derek Miller. The duo is currently promoting its new album “Bitter Rivals.”

The band’s shows have been dominating the festival circuit since its debut in 2010. On stage, Miller’s guitar comes to life with a kick of adrenaline, while Krauss commands the crowd with her charismatic presence. Prepare to be blown away.

“Women, War and Industry” exhibit

Take a trip to the past with the new art exhibit “Women, War and Industry,” opening at The San Diego Museum Art in Balboa Park on Saturday, Oct. 19. Through diverse media, the exhibit explores the changing lives of women in the 20th century from the rise of war and industrialization.

According to the museum website, “Women, War and Industry” specifically focuses on works and media from both world wars from a variety of female artists. Portrayals of women created by male artists are also explored throughout the exhibit, and more contemporary works will be on display to complement the past works. Through a look into the past to present, the exhibit should be an interesting trip.

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