Colorful performance art at Downtown Gallery


by Ryo Miyauchi

Here’s a scenario: What if you chose your outfit strictly on color?

Los Angeles based artist Mary Younakof has done so for a full year for her piece “343 Dresses: The Chromatic Convergence Project.” Younakof has constructed dresses of a wide spectrum of colors for every week in the city of Los Angeles. Today, the artist is bringing her “343 Dresses” art piece for the color exploration exhibit “Spectra” at San Diego State’s Downtown Gallery.

Throughout January and December of 2011, Younakof presented her “343 Dresses” project in Los Angeles. She wore a different colored dress every day and performed weekly in a specific setting based on that day’s color. For example, the video on her website has Younakof in a red dress throwing a red ball in front of a huge wall. While exploring the use of color, the artist presented the range of colorful scenery in Los Angeles as well. After the project was done, all of the dresses were on view as a sculpture installation at the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles.

While she wore different colors every day out in the streets of Los Angeles, Younakof received unique responses from residents for each color. In an interview with LA Mag, Younakof said she got the most attention when she wore her yellow dresses and people would share what the color orange would mean to them when she wore that color.

Younakof is scheduled to show “Spectrum: 49” at the SDSU Downtown Gallery. The artist will orchestrate 49 volunteers in colored dresses to stand in various color patterns for a lively interaction with color. She is also holding a gallery talk afterwards. Make plans to get there early, as it will start at 4:45 p.m. sharp. For those who need a ride, the gallery is conveniently located by the Santa Fe Depot trolley station. Prepare to enjoy a lively, colorful experience from Younakof and get insight behind the exciting project.

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Photo courtesy of Mary Younakof

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