Savory slices satisfy students

Savory slices satisfy students

by Carla Romero

The closest you can get to Italy in San Diego isn’t Little Italy; it’s Pizzeria Luigi. With two locations, in North Park and Golden Hill, this pizzeria serves pies and slices that will satisfy both your wallet and taste buds.

Owner Luigi Agostini grew up in Italy, so it’s no surprise that the pizza pies at the pizzeria are made with a thin crust and classic Italian ingredients such as ricotta cheese and pesto.

Some of the “Luigi Classics” include pies named Mona Lisa, Michelangelo, Capone and Leonardo. The Leonardo is made with mozzarella, Parmesan cheese and pesto. This delicious pie doesn’t include the typical tomato sauce that pizzas in the U.S. usually have. Instead, the pesto topping provides an abundance of flavor.

Other pies are made with ricotta cheese and include the Spicy Kevo, Haolie Hawaiian, Baked Penne, Crime Scene, Eggplant Delux, and the Donatello. The latter is made without tomato sauce, but with ricotta, Parmesan cheese and garlic. Added spinach also makes a delicious topping on the Donatello.

For a slightly higher price, Pizzeria Luigi also serves “Local Favorites” that include more extravagant toppings such as chicken, bacon and blue cheese.

Vegan options include the Salad Pie. This pizza comes topped with spring mix, Kalamata olive, tomato, onion and vinaigrette.

Pizza isn’t all that’s served there. Luigi’s also serves a variety of salads, subs and pasta. Other authentic Italian items on the menu include baked calzones and Stromboli.

Slices go for less than $3 a piece, but Luigi’s has a daily happy hour that is sure to fit a student budget. The pizzeria also has a $3 beer special every day of the week.

The place has an urban vibe, with local band posters plastered up on the windows and San Diego paraphernalia on the walls. Past customers have also stuffed drawings, stickers and business cards in between the tables’ glass tops. Although the pizza is Italian and the place is San Diego, the two cultures come together to create a great place to enjoy one of San Diego’s best pizza spots.

Photos by Chelsea Massey, staff photographer.