Ana’s survival guide for the semester

Anas survival guide for the semester

by Ana Ceballos

Thanks to human beings’ dysfunctional relationships with New Year’s resolutions, by now, people have more likely than not abandoned their promises. The promise you made about ditching junk food was broken when Grandma decided to make you cookies every day while at home for winter break. All those promises about exercise and reading more also vanished when you binge-watched Netflix for six whole hours.

But fear not! Just because our New Year’s resolutions died before we could even reach February, that doesn’t mean we can’t make new promises all over again, right? Let’s just try to keep them this time with a little help from our friends and our campus resources.

 1. Get an Aztec Recreation Center membership:

It’s only $19 a month for San Diego State students. If that doesn’t convince you, the steeper membership rates for other gyms in San Diego will. Plus, the ARC has its perks. There’s a pool for exercise and tanning, group fitness classes offered throughout the day, making it easy to work out in between your classes, and don’t forget that rock climbing wall. The ARC also has a lot of machines for use, in addition to the ARC Express that just opened up at the new Aztec Student Union. Did I mention there’s hundred of hotties in their 20s working out?

 2. Invest in a planner:

I’m a person that usually juggles five classes, a part-time job, an internship, a social and love life, all on top of me time. [quote]My best friend isn’t alcohol or coffee; it’s my planner.[/quote] It’s okay if that quote makes you cringe, but at least you know how important a planner is. At the beginning of every week, think of absolutely everything you need to do (even the silly things) and schedule them somewhere in your week. Then, scratch them off when you’re done. I promise you’ll sleep like a baby and get things done.

 3. Don’t miss class:

Did you know that on average, each one of our classes costs about $60? Why would you miss class? It’s like wiping your behind with money and flushing it down the toilet. If you do attend all of your classes, you’re bound to average at least a B in the class. No more points deducted for absences or participation, and you’ll be able to take all those pop quizzes and have killer notes that will get you awesome treats during finals because all your loser classmates slept in during the semester.

 4. Pay a visit to SDSU Career Services:

Think of it as a visit to the doctor. You might not want to go, but you know it’s good for you. Whether you have a job, an internship or just school, it won’t hurt to have know your options by having an experienced person suggest ways to improve your professional career. They’re there for a reason. It’s their job to get students employed, but you need to do your part too.

 5.  Eat better:

This might be the hardest thing to do as a college student since we’re broke, often lazy and frequently busy. But you can save more money and be healthier by making lunch for yourself from groceries rather than buying a meal at school. A salad at East or West Commons can cost $7 to $8, but three homemade salads can cost little more than $5. Be smart about your health and money and start cooking.

So there you go! Make this semester your own and don’t be too hard on yourself. Remember to do your best every day and whatever the outcome is, you can be confident you did all you could.

Photo by Monica Linzmeier, Photo Editor