Three things to know about the Student Success Fee protest

Student protesters gather inside Manchester Hall to voice their concerns about the Student Success Fee vote.

Student protesters gather inside Manchester Hall to voice their concerns about the Student Success Fee vote.

by Ana Ceballos

A group of student protesters marched to San Diego State President Elliot Hirshman’s office in Manchester Hall last Friday to voice their concern about the Campus Fee Advisory Committee’s decision to recommend a $200 fee increase.

When it became apparent Hirshman was not in his office, they decided to meet again in Manchester Hall on Monday morning.

Here are three things you need to know about the results on Today’s meeting:

1. The administration’s email to protesters

Following Friday’s protest, the administration sent an email to the group of students asking them to state their demands by noon on Monday.

This caused some brief confusion amongst the protesters who believed that the deadline was an ultimatum from the university.

This deadline was meant to give the administration time to analyze students’ concerns, according to the Associate Vice President for Campus Life Timothy Quinnan.

The confusion did, however, cause the protesters to organize an exact list of their demands.

2. Students voice their demands

These are the four demands made by the Concerned Students of SDSU:

  1. An immediate meeting with President Elliot Hirshman surrounding, but not limited to, the subsequent list of demands. This meeting must occur before the final decision concerning the proposed ‘Student Success Fee.’

  2. The immediate halt and termination of the proposed ‘Student Success Fee.’

  3. The process surrounding future financial decisions affecting student costs, including, but not limited to, additional student fees, must be decided by a mandatory student vote through referendum.
  4. A direct response to these demands from Hirshman by Wednesday, March 5th at 5:00pm.

3. The outcome

Hirshman has agreed to meet a delegation from the protesters Thursday at 9 a.m. but the protesters have yet to decide whether or not to accept the invitation since they would prefer to have the meeting on their own terms.

On Tuesday, protesters will meet at 6 p.m. in Room G at the library to discuss whether they will accept Hirshman’s invitation or continue pushing for him to meet their other demands.

Photo by Hannah Beausang, news editor