BETWEEN THE COVERS: New autobiography buzzing with humor

by publicationarchive

Courtesy of Simon & Schuster

Female comedians have been making a comeback as of late. First Kathy Griffin published her tell-all last November, then Sarah Silverman published her hilarious autobiography in April and now Samantha Bee, of “The Daily Show” fame, has released her autobiography titled “I Know I Am, But What Are You?”

Bee, famous for her puns on Jon Stewart’s hit show on Comedy Central, proves in this book that she is more than her character, Most Senior Correspondent. This Canadian citizen proves to be an excellent writer, as Bee uses no ghost author in this book.
The first chapter, titled “Camp Summer Fun,” definitely keeps the reader wanting more. It includes a tale of childhood camping with her family that induces sidesplitting laughter page after page.

While this book is not without it’s dark moments, such as a recount of when Bee tried to commit suicide as a teenager, it is mainly a lighthearted read and is sure to be enjoyed by those who appreciate humor in otherwise ordinary situations.

One particular highlight of Bee’s book is her description of her family. Bee’s portrayal of her stepmother is worth the read alone. As an only child of divorced parents, she was raised by a collection of adults who each attempted to teach her the facts of life. They would bestow upon her advice that would contradict the others, and as a child Bee doesn’t know whom to follow so she ultimately ignores everyone.

In another description of a loved one, Bee writes about her husband Jason Jones, fellow correspondent on “The Daily Show.” Television viewers often see Jones in ridiculous situations, such as riding on a scooter through the streets of Iran, but Bee shows the reader his personality outside of work, which turns out to be surprisingly sweet.

The one tale many readers will notice is missing is how Bee landed her fabulous gig on “The Daily Show.” Nowhere in the 256-page book does Bee inform the reader how or when she began working under Jon Stewart’s wing on arguably one of the funniest late night shows on television.

Despite that, Bee captures the reader with her sass and comical commentary. Pick this book up for a much-needed break from the typical self-deprecating humor often used by comediennes, and be prepared to chuckle uncontrollably for hours.

Book: I Know I Am, But What Are You?
Author: Samantha Bee
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Grade: A-