Reinventing Human Race Through Cloning

by Staff

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Ever since human beings have lived on earth they have beenaccompanied by inevitable change. For the most part questioning themorality of naturally occurring disasters is subject to no debate atall.

It would be stupid to ask, “Is it morally justifiable for avolcano to erupt?” A volcano just explodes. Obviously the agent underinvestigation must involve at least one person if we are to confrontany inquiries about morality.

When dealing with questions concerning the morality of humanactions, countless arguments can be concocted. One unwelcome issuethat will dramatically alter the way we value human characteristicsconcerns human cloning. It seems we have become experts at evadingthis topic, but I will remain outspoken.

Human cloning will certainly be a reality the world must facesooner than expected. Thousands of religious and political figureshave denounced the possibility of such a practice in theircommunities, but have failed to acknowledge the existence ofsuperfluous emulation.

It’s only human nature to strive for perfection. We workout dailyto enhance physical appearance, and study tenaciously to improve ourgrade point average. Some people often want immediate results andconsult a plastic surgeon.

With time civilizations progress and move closer towards the stateof perfection. This is evident in the above example. Today there areseveral means for working out. Additionally, these means are muchmore efficient and effective than in the past.

As a result human cloning opponents must encounter the demand forsuch perfection. Plenty of people are eager to pay a price forgenerating a flawless creation. More importantly these bargainersprefer to choose their child’s sex and inherited physical and mentaltraits, giving them a sense of control never before experienced.

How can the opposition stop this powerful demand? They can’t. Thegovernment’s efforts to conceal further advances or preventoperations in human genetic engineering will be as successful as thewar on drugs. Religious institutions’ attempts to condemn practicaluse of human cloning will present identical gains as the fightagainst abortions.

Some anti-human cloning proponents will have to join theinnovators. The reason is simple — economics. All technicaldiscoveries go through three stages: ready, set and go. In allcolonies subjects must be ready for an innovation before anydevelopment can be introduced. Societies generally tend to showalacrity through demand.

Once communities are ready they can set, or establish, a positiverelationship with the thing. People interested in the thing gainextensive knowledge about it. After the thing has reached a saturatedlevel of understanding the population moves from the set phase to thego phase.

In the final stage, groups of people go, or take initiative to buyinto the idea. Affirmation permits the technology to be fullylaunched.

Dominating forces like the oil, tobacco, and beverage industriesaround the globe have proven to silence many government, business andreligious officials. The cloning industry will have the same impacton officials worldwide.

Wise businessmen are quietly donating capital to ready themselvesfor an exploding future market. Of coarse, all campaigns,experiments, and inventions have historically been backed by wealthybenefactors.

Like any new discovery, human cloning will include seriousmodifications in all societies. Cosmetic companies and plasticsurgeons will see the change and swiftly invest in human cloningresearch to begin their own growth. Another wise move they willprobably make will be signing mergers with the human cloningcorporations to supplement their service.

A major worry though, will be the division between the affluentand impoverished societies. Human cloning will benefit the upperclass. Sadly enough, only those able to pay for a perfect child willget one. An enormous gap will display the most intelligent andphysically attractive offspring ruling on one end and the non-supremebunch being controlled on the other.

Many of us today are not ready for human cloning. We feel saferwithout such a service. Needless to say, though, it only takes oneperson to transform this comfort zone. Thus, we must brace ourselves.

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