How to spend the day in Tijuana

by Ana Ceballos

When the buck is tight and some serious fun needs to be had, drive down to Mexico.

Bring along a couple of friends; ideally, someone who speaks Spanish, or some form of it, and a few who know the culture. Because if you’re a smart traveler in Mexico, you’re guaranteed to have the time of your life.

Here is a guide to the “must do’s” in Mexico:

1. La Sexta

There’s a corridor along Avenida Revolucion where all the young adults go to forget their pains and celebrate their lives. It’s called La Sexta because it’s along Sixth Avenue in downtown Tijuana. Here you will find dozens of dive bars featuring original drinks you will only find in Mexico and at a more than reasonable price.
Some of my favorites are La Mezcalera, Moustache Bar and La Chupiteria. For the best pizza in town head over to Pizza Al Volo.

2. Nightclubs

For those intending to rage in Mexico, please rage responsibly, there are numerous nightclubs to choose from and it all depends on the crowd you want to hang around with. First, there’s Alebrije, the place where all Americans go because they’re to afraid to go any further. Then there’s Onixeus, one of the newest additions to the city and probably the largest one. But then there are smaller more casual ones such as Barezzito, Shots and Cheers.

3. Cecut

Fear not, culture geeks–there’s a place for you too. Cecut (or the giant ball near the border), has art exhibitions from local artists, concerts featuring Julieta Venegas, a comedy film featuring Diego Luna and an international dance performance, coming up in the next month.

4. Beyond Tijuana

I would recommend a road trip to Ensenada, and for the lobster fans a pit stop in Puerto Nuevo. This is where you will find the tastiest tortillas in Baja and will enter a food-lobster coma. There is also a place for the classy tourist who wants to go wine tasting at Valle de Guadalupe. Not only will you shed tears at the sight of the beautiful vineyard, but you will get a taste of one of the best wines in Baja.

Photo courtesy of David McNew, Getty Images