How I feel about graduation, in 11 ‘The Princess Bride’ gifs

How I feel about graduation, in 11 The Princess Bride gifs

by Leonardo Castaneda

Graduation is fast approaching, which means a lot of hard-to-process feelings. So, I’ve turned to something that better expresses my inner turmoil: The Princess Bride.

Half of the freshmen you talk to say they can’t wait to graduate…



… and the other half just tell you how they still have years to go before they even think about graduating.

princess bride gif 1


They don’t understand that four day weekends and drinking on a Monday ends when you graduate.



Meanwhile, you have to go try to find a job that pays rent AND your Netflix subscription, and now is the time your adviser tells you what matters isn’t your GPA but your work “experience.”



 Talking to parents about how hard it is to find a decent job doesn’t help either.



And forget about asking recently graduated friends for help. Some of them were born employable and are already half-way up the corporate ladder…



… others can continue living off of their trust fund for years before finding out what a W-2 form is …

 princess bride gif


… and the rest have accepted as few more years of post-graduate waitressing with new-found stoicism.



Still, you’ll fill out every job application you can get your hands on. First, you’ll be polite to potential employers.



Eventually, desperation will set in and when you meet more qualified candidates waiting for an interview, you’ll consider more drastic steps.



And the worst part of it all, you brought this upon yourself by even applying for graduation in the first place when you still had at least 3 more years of eligibility left.