APSA hosts annual fashion and talent show


by Christine Whitman

This Friday, the Asian Pacific Student Alliance at San Diego State will host their 18th annual fashion and talent show from 6-10 p.m. in Montezuma Hall.

This year’s event is titled “Here We Stand,” and will feature Asian-American talent from a variety of artists and musicians. It’ll also focus on the presence of Asian Americans in today’s media and entertainment.

[quote]“APSA’s mission is to unite the various Asian and Pacific-Islander students of SDSU together to share and learn about one another’s cultural identities,” ASPA academic coordinator assistant Anna Favis said.[/quote]

This year’s event is directed by Executive Vice President Delena Truong and co-coordinated by executive board members Angelo Ace Antonio and Tyler Sasaki. Antonio organized this event successfully last year and looks forward to working with Sasaki. This is the first time Truong is directing the event, but she’s not new to its execution. Last year, Truong sat on the executive board and assisted last year’s directors on creating a successful event.

“My first year I was in APSA’s performance committee and a model for the fashion portion of the event,” Truong said. “My favorite part of the show is the headliners who are usually well-known Asian-American entertainers and artists who have an energetic stage presence.”

Since the fashion and talent show’s conception in 1996, it has featured artists such as AJ Rafael, Andrew Garcia and America’s Best Dance Crew finalists “We are Heroes.” This year, the fashion and talent show will include performances from singer Jane Kim and rapper Dumbfoundead.

“My second favorite thing about this event is the dance and creativity piece with our members that allows us to showcase anything we want to the audience,” Truong said. “What makes the piece so awesome is that it’s original, fun and a complete secret until it’s performed during the event.”

Be sure to stop by Montezuma Hall tomorrow night for an exhibition of fashion and talent brought to life.