by Sarah Gough

How did life become this complicated?

Reality is simply the culmination of the end results of the circumstances we’re put in, the decisions we make, and the passage of time ultimately alerting those decisions.

And all at once I feel the overwhelming truth bombard me again.

Simultaneously, all things in our reality are limited by the confines of forces beyond our control; we are constricted by the boundaries of space and time.

Simultaneously, everything is simply recycled into the unified infinite scope of eternity.


I know that one day, I will have no longer walked the path of the life I know now.

I don’t know where I will be.

Or what form I will take.

Or if my identity will simply meld with the millions before me into the stardust that is forever transformed.


The daily challenges and concerns that pale in comparison to the span of a life.

A sudden understanding that the routine decisions we make

Accumulate to the reality that stares us straight in the eyes when we realize how much of an impact time and experiences make.

It’s this realization that penetrates far beyond the shallow need for instant gratification.

A realization that I have been waiting to have for so long.


In an instant everything is put into perspective.

And I know the love I have for those who have accepted me without reservation.


Time has and will continue to take its toll.

My time, my mother’s time, my love’s time, my friend’s time

All of us are limited by time.

By forces beyond our control.

And the only genuine solace I can find in this stark reality

Is the contention that I will use my time to live a full, soul-enriching life


After time has taken its largest toll on me.

I will lay one day, beneath the swaying limbs of weeping willow.

And I will have been satiated by the fact that I lived for something meaningful,

That I loved beyond contention,

That I contributed to future generations after me,

And that my presence will have somehow been eternally ingrained in some aspect of our reality

And after that,

I’ll see what lies beyond this world.