Editors say farewell: Victor Escoto, web editor

by Victor Escoto

I never really liked this school. There was never anything wrong with the school itself; I just didn’t like the people. I can fairly say that SDSU was my only choice coming out of high school because Long Beach sucks. I mean, yeah, Sublime and Snoop Dogg are from the LBC, but who knew that driving through the town would actually be so scary? Not this guy.

Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is that when I started school here I hated it because it seemed the only way to make friends was to rush a fraternity. This may have been my experience, but bros didn’t dig me.

I walked down Campanile several times a day and never once got one of the little flyers with the cool Greek letters on them. I know what you’re thinking; “Vic, you could have just picked one up off the floor.” To that I say, “F— you.” The prestige was obviously in being approached by your future tank top-wearing self, duh.

Now, I’m not trying to bash the Greek system here. It’s obviously an important part of the SDSU ecosystem and my brother just got jumped in a few days ago, so I’m practically family. What I’m trying to say is that despite my apparent lack of Greek worth, I found a cool group of people I like to spend my time with. What’s more, they share all of the same interests I do: snarky journalism and good beer.

These days I love this school. The Daily Aztec has become my fraternity, and to my journalistic bros I want to say thanks. For the opportunities, the laughs and the stress. Y’all are dank, bro.

To you, short, young, grumpy freshmen: Have patience. One day soon you’ll find your group. They may be journalists, they may be designers, they may be engineers. Whatever they are, they’ll always be
your bros.

Photo by Monica Linzmeier, photo editor