College Fashionista: A New Kind of Neutral

by Sarah Weinberg

We are, at this point in our Fashionista lifestyles, well-versed in the “rules” of fashion. No white after Labor Day. No socks with sandals. No pairing of two different bright colors. That being said, we’ve also come to know just how ridiculous they can often be. Case in point: the notion that navy, black, and brown are the only neutrals in existence. You see, that’s just one of those rules made to be broken.

With the major resurgence of animal print on the spring 2011 runways, the jungle-esque patterns are just as worthy of being regarded as neutrals. The often subdued colors are perfect for mixing and matching, while the varied prints make for an unexpected and exciting pop that a plain black or brown just can’t deliver. This Fashionista, in her animal-patterned black and white dress demonstrates the stylish power of the new kind of neutral.

Paired with simple black pieces and a pastel scarf, her dress stands out with its snake-like design. Throwing out another of the fashion “rules” we’ve developed a love/hate relationship with, this Fashionista shows just how chic and unassuming animal print can look during the day. Taking cues from her, choose an animal print in a more subtle hue and pair it with some cute tights and flats when dressing for class – and when you’re ready to go out later that night, lose the tights and flats for some high heels and you’ll be ready to hit the town.

When it comes to the “rules” of fashion, I suggest you take them only with a grain of salt. For, yes, you can wear white after Labor Day as well as socks with sandals and two bright colors at once. And, of course, you can embrace animal print, your new favorite neutral, any time of day.