There’s a first time for everything

by Kelly Hillock , Features Editor

The first few days at San Diego State can make or break you. While most of us are seasoned professionals at this place we call our scholastic home, the newbies around here are in the throes of experiencing these typical Aztec happenings for the first time. This is sure to bring on some nostalgia for returning students, but if you’re a freshman or a transfer student, here’s what you should expect during the first week of classes:

1. First time getting lost on campus: But, really, getting lost should be divided into sections, like first time getting lost in Adams Humanities or Student Services West. Getting lost on the Mesa is really a sort of baptism by fire, because if you are that guy carrying a map around campus, you will be laughed at by the rest of us. Either find your way to your classes on the Sunday before class starts or accept the fact you will probably be lost most of the day.
2. The first night in the residence halls. I remember my first night in University Towers. My bed was sandwiched between the wall and my desk—somehow, I kept hitting my head on either the wall or the desk throughout the night. Then there was that thing with the marching band parading the halls in the wee hours of the morning. Ah, the memories.

3. First time parking: For those of you commuting to school, you will experience your first time braving the parking structures. There should be a support group for surviving the 30 minutes it takes to secure a spot.

4. First time in East Commons during lunch rush: Generally between 11:30 a.m. and 2 p.m., lunch lines are abnormally long and every table is filled with students and trays. East Commons is generally the bane of our existence, because it houses the widest selection of food on campus. Of course, the same goes for lines at Chipotle or The Habit over at the Union. It’s a struggle for us all.

5. First time going to the ARC: Activating your gym membership in the first week of classes takes as long as those East Commons lunch lines. Getting the hang of the gym dynamics or even just locating the Aquaplex, is a different story.

6. First time at the Farmer’s Market: The Farmer’s Market here is a bit deceiving. It’s actually not a farmer’s market where you can purchase fresh fruit or vegetables. Oddly enough, it’s a collection of local restaurants on the Mesa every Thursday, serving a variety of food that’s finally something besides your weekly Panda Express.

7. First time at Trujillo’s: Trujillo’s is a cornerstone to the SDSU experience. From drunchies to mid-afternoon burrito-cravings, Trujillo’s is a staple to our diet. Choose wisely, because your first order is likely to become your usual. This will also determine whether you are Team Trujillo’s or Team Panchos, but let me tell you now: Trujillo’s all the way.

8. First study session at 24/7: Whether you’re here for a group project or an all-nighter, the 24/7 will see you at your stressed-out, procrastinating worst. Luckily, there’s a Peabody’s coffee cart for fuel and comfortable chairs for napping. Once you decide if you prefer a cubby or chair to study in, you will become a pro at seeking out a spot in the perpetually crowded area.

9. First time you need some luck: It’s a tradition here on campus to rub the left foot of the President Black statue for luck on a midterm, or really, anything. If you wonder why you see students interrupting ambassadors giving tours to give it a quick pat, or if you feel a little stupid relying on superstition, know that President Black’s foot hasn’t let Aztecs down for generations.

The first week of classes bring on all these first-time experiences, and it can be as overwhelming as choosing your schedule to begin with. But, worry not, dear newbies, soon you will be a pro and you’ll be sporting your SDSU gear with that Aztec swagger the rest of us have.