A.S. University Council discusses fundraising and possible renovation

by Colleen Larson, Staff Writer

Library Renovations

The Dean of the San Diego State’s Library and Information Access, Gale Etschmaier, spoke to the Associated Students University Council on Nov. 5 about possible future renovations of the Love Library.

Etschmaier said she recognizes the library is a focal point for a lot of students, especially commuters who use it as a place to study and relax in between classes. The Love Library, which was originally built in 1971, can no longer accommodate the amount of students who use it, she said.

Etschmaier said on an average school day approximately 12,000 students come in and out of the library, but it can only seat approximately 4,000 at any given time. One of the main goals of the renovation would be to offer more seating and areas for groups to work on projects.

Another goal would be to build a structure connecting the Dome with the second floor of the Love Library. The structure would be made up mostly of glass facades in order to make the inside appear more open and make the library easier to navigate through.

It was estimated that the renovations would take 15 to 20 years because of the extensive funding needed for the project, which Etschmaier said would be approximately $115 million. The renovation would rely heavily on donor funding. The council seemed receptive to the idea.

“Most students, if not all, are going to support this, especially commuter students,” one council member said.

New Fundraiser

A member of the SDSU Alumni Association spoke the council regarding an upcoming fundraiser. The fundraiser, titled Aztec Crowd Campaign, seeks to encourage student philanthropy.

The Association recognizes the donors who helped the school reach the $500-million mark in donations this year as a great example of Aztec philanthropy.

The upcoming Aztec Crowd Campaign will offer students the ability to donate a minimum of ten dollars to any charity or program of their choice. The fundraiser begins Monday, Nov. 17, and will include promotional booths in the Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union courtyard during the day. There will also be Aztec Crowd Campaign booths out on Thursday, Nov. 20.

Students who decide to participate will receive a red ‘Aztec Crowd Campaign’ box that comes with an free exclusive lanyard and T-shirt. Students will also have the option of donating through the SDSU website. There will be a drop down menu so students can browse possible charities and programs that spark their interest. Following the donation, students will receive a letter and a receipt confirming that their money is going towards the charity of their choice.

The Alumni Association hopes that the Aztec Crowd Campaign will encourage students to donate to charities and programs they feel passionate about.