Student blogger shoots for the stars

by Alicia Chavez, Senior Staff Writer

With the right idea, enough creativity and resources, essentially anyone can be a blogger. However, it takes a certain sense of style and confidence to be a successful fashion blogger.

Marketing junior Veronica Garcia recently celebrated her blog’s first birthday on Feb. 22. For a year, Garcia has been using “Sunday Threads” to post her opinions about trending fashion choices. This includes different styles, outfits, hairdos and jewelry.

“I post what’s in season and my personal style,” Garcia said. “I like to post outfits I put together for certain occasions like going to your internship or work or just spending the day at the mall.”

Garcia has managed to gain a following of 145 fans. Even though her following is small, she has managed to catch the attention of big names such as Teen Vogue. Garcia is currently being featured as a spotlight blogger for the magazine’s website, an honor only few people get the chance to brag about.

In fact, her blog has also opened the door to many other fashion opportunities such as flying out to be a part of New York Fashion Week, a dream that almost came true for Garcia this past year.

“A designer emailed me asking if I wanted to go to New York Fashion Week, which is invite-only,” Garcia said. “I was so excited and agreed to go — money or school was not going to be an issue. But then I realized I couldn’t.”

Garcia realized that during NYFW she had two exams for class and was not going to sacrifice her education, even though an opportunity like this only comes around every so often. However, Garcia is using this disappoint as motivation to attend NYFW in the future, maybe as soon as next year.

For now, Garcia is using “Sunday Threads” as a tool for her future endeavors. As a marketing major, she wants to continue selling herself and different brands online.

“A lot of what bloggers do is market themselves with the clothes they wear, and usually companies will send them free stuff to promote on their blogs,” Garcia said. “Actually, this past week, two companies reached out and want to send me clothes.”

Garcia wants to continue growing her following and hopes to catch the attention of more designers. Garcia is the model for her blog and her sister is her photographer. Together, the team wants to continue doing more photo shoots in fun places similar to their recent trip to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in Los Angeles.

For fashion lovers, Garcia is taking advantage of boyfriend jeans this season. However, if San Diego ever experiences cold weather, Garcia admitted she would support the oversized poncho trend happening in the fashion world.