Religion promotes expired moral values

by Emmilly Nguyen, Senior Staff Writer

Arguably, the world would be a better place without religion. Many religions place blame for the root of all evil, while multiple religions evidently serve as the root and manifestation of evil.

There is nothing wrong about spirituality and frankly, religion can provide a beautiful meaning to life. But aside from its symbolic value, with the evolution and sophistication of science, there is little need for symbolic values to continue providing explanations for natural phenomenas.

How can any individual or society consider themselves logical while placing their faith in a book written thousands of years ago off of hear-say from a God that has never been seen?”

How can any individual or society consider themselves logical while placing their faith in a book written thousands of years ago off of hear-say from a God that has never been seen?

When religious books were translated from Latin to vernacular languages during the Reformation, many people left their faiths because what they were taught in church was not what was in the translated Bible. The inconsistencies in many religions have been causing more damage than anything else.

In fact, the New Testament is often referred to as King James’ version of the Bible, for he commissioned scholars to compile a book that best suited his views.

Surprise, surprise! Clergy men, kings and churches around the world have been pushing a personal religious agenda on society in order to promote the patriarchy. There is no pure form of religion. Interpretations have and always will be different. People live different lives all over the world and interpret the Bible as it best fits their beliefs. There has always been a definite sense of “rose-colored glasses” when it’s come to interpreting religion.

Lots of religious books warrant slavery, ethnic cleansing and subjugation of women. Rather than preaching love, hate and oppression are shoved down people’s throats instead. But it is important to note, society has accepted certain aspects of the Bible as outdated. This goes to show as society evolves, no concrete form of religion is going to be supported as is.

Religion is so deeply rooted, creating divide and hatred between people. Religion pits people against the other for not sharing the exact same values. When looked at closely, different religious views don’t vary greatly. However, it’s the variation that causes most harm.

The conflicts in Northern Ireland between Catholics and Protestants, Hindus in Jammu and Muslims in Kashmir, Jews in Israel and Muslims in Palestine, and most recently the Muslims in the Charlie Hebdo attack, all serve as examples of how religion deeply influences people, rotting humanity away.

Rather than relying on religion for moral policing, people should engage in social conversation to understand the outdated measures many religions have to offer. We’ve reached a point in society where a book is not necessary in the influence of good behavior.

“We can either have a twenty-first-century conversation about morality and the human well-being — a conversation in which we avail ourselves of all scientific insights and philosophical arguments that have accumulated in the last two thousand years of human discourse — or we can confine ourselves to a first-century conversation as it is preserved in the Bible,” neuroscientist, philosopher, author and founder of Project Reason, Sam Harris, writes. “We have a choice. We have two options as human beings. We have a choice between conversation and war. That’s it. Conversation and violence. And faith is a conversation stopper.”

Diversity is great and there is nothing wrong with being religious or spiritual. It is just important to remain critical of what is bring printed and/or preached. One must be responsible for always exercising critical thought, and not following blindly under false pretenses and unrealistic expectations.

“Anything that restricts people’s freedom in any shape or form is detrimental to humanity,” communications senior David Medina said. “I think it is okay to have faith in anything you believe in but I think it wrong when that faith oppresses freedom of thought or freedom in any sense.”

Religion is malice to society. It stops serving a beneficial purpose when it crossed the line from individual guidance to a map for society. The problem with religion is it hasn’t evolved with society. To try and fit modern-day philosophies in a transcription written during a time when the length of a woman’s dress was considered a sin is not only ludicrous, but ignorant.