Ten Finals Feelings: Spongebob Edition

by Christine Whitman, Senior Staff Writer

Finals week is a blur of last minute assignments and projects worth your entire grade, and well — finals. All you want is to throw all of your responsibilities out the window and start summer vacation, but instead you’re stuck in the library, over-caffeinated for hours on end.

  1. When you realize that finals week has come once again, and you cannot escape. 

  2. When you begin to realize that you shouldn’t have slacked off so much during the semester.

  3. When you are sitting in class about to take your final, but you didn’t study as much as you should have.

  4. When you have trouble sleeping at night because you’re too worried about passing all of your finals.

  5. When you stay up all night to finish that 20-page paper that you should have finished two weeks ago.

  6. When you start one of your hardest finals and everything you studied seems to disappear from your brain.

  7. When you realize you studied everything except for what was actually on the test.  

  8. When you realize you have two of your hardest finals back-to-back on the very last day of finals week.

  9. When you get to the point in finals week when your brain cannot hold any more information, but you don’t care because you just want the week to end. 

  10. When you finish taking your last final, and you can officially begin your summer break. 

Good luck on those finals, Aztecs!