Ron Swanson explains the different phases of the semester

by Joseph Ciolino, Opinion Editor

With each new semester comes plenty of ups and downs.

Whether you are walking out of a midterm feeling accomplished (or not) or having to do an entire group project alone, students experience a variety of different emotions throughout the entire semester, and Ron Swanson is here to empathize with you.

happy parks and recreation parks and rec ron swanson happy dance 

With enrollment priorities and other obstacles that may be present when registering for classes, it’s a treat to land all the classes you planned for.

ron swanson chill relaxing headphones 

Sitting in the classroom 10 minutes before the lecture starts, getting those last few minutes of good tunes in before having to wait two to three hours to listen to them again.

parks and recreation work computer technology ron swanson 

Almost done with that essay that is due tomorrow until the computer freezes and requires a reboot, only to come back to no essay.

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The last few weeks of the semester require most to practically live at the library — make most of the technology available.

When a partner for a group project doesn’t come through with their part because they had “Greek life responsibilities.”

…and then after when you get a much higher grade on the group project.

After the semester has ended, the refresh button on the WebPortal becomes severely abused waiting for those grades to post, yet it always seems like it takes forever and more.

When grades are all uploaded and it’s great news…

…or perhaps not so great news.

tv cute parks and recreation puppy ron swanson

However, regardless of how the semester went, a puppy is always a good way to take the mind away from things.

Good luck with the rest of your semester, Aztecs.